High-performance training and specialty programs adapted to the modern/urban businessman lifestyle. “Be prepared to be prepared” and do the “impossible” without dramatically changing your life – the skills needed to optimize yourself are all within you! Gain access to VIP personal training, small group training sessions, or one on one online coaching, aligned with the highest standards, with accomplished breath-hold specialized physiologists, sports scientists, professional coaches, trainers, and champions.

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Competitive Freediving Training

Training and management of deep or competitive freedivers: swimming pool and deep training techniques, relaxation & breathing, stretching, strength conditioning & nutrition tips, advanced equalization protocols.

Competitive Spearfishing Training

Training and management of spearos interested in deep spearfishing or in spearfishing competitions: scouting, strategy, performance.

Variable Weights

Detailed analysis and training of all variable weight techniques in deep freediving and spearfishing.

Speargun Workshop

Tips and tricks on gun setup. Shaft and rubber band service, shooting and accuracy tests.

Blue Water Spearfishing

A specialty for big game/massive excitement and thrill-seekers; Tuna guns, bungee species, specialized physical and mental preparation for this demanding experience.