Deep Static Ambush (DSA)

DSA is the Static Ambush technique that is performed at medium depths and in deep waters. This technique requires long breath-holds and superior camouflage skills and is used to catch hard to harvest fish, normally found in deeper spots. Fish that are hunted by DSA, suspicious as they are, take longer to approach the hunter, and even if they do, they are so quick that they require a fairly precise and efficient shot.

All prey that are best approached with ambush (either inhabitants or visitors of the area), move in through their underwater environment based on some reference points such as a reef, a rock, a school of baitfish, the sunlight, the point where current and temperature are differentiated, etc. Depending on the conditions, these reference points may change, but spearos must be able to identify them each time in order to choose the proper post for their ambush.

DSA is a technique taught in the 3star Master Spearo Level of SII spearfishing training. For more information about SII spearfishing education organization visit!

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