The art of stalking

We have all read about the hunting cave dweller, seen historic pictures showing ancient hunters chasing their prey, or at least, watched movies showing Indian hunters stalking their prey. Stalking is probably one of the oldest hunting techniques hunters have mastered. It has always lent its rituals to hunters and spearfishing is no different.

Stalking (widely known as “Aguatto”) is one of those techniques where you feel both the challenge of the athletic side of spearfishing and its passion. This technique is commonly described as “Indian style fishing”. However, a more accurate description of it is the way a cat stalks and gets close to their prey. It is also called “Dynamic Ambush” and it’s the technique of silently covering a distance under the water and taking an appropriate position to place a shot on the target. Mastering this technique lies in patience and paying attention to details. Clearly, there are many parameters to consider, including bottom terrain, depth, target species, equipment and current – all of which can affect the practice of this technique dramatically.

Make sure to move slowly, pulling your speargun to the side of your body, trying to be as stealthy as possible. Take out your speargun only after taking the final position against the prey. Use the bottom’s protrusions for cover, while moving between them. The optimum speed of movement is the one that doesn’t stress the baitfish in the area. One of the priorities when on DA is not to hurry. Being calm, you will be able to see fish at the perimeter that it would be impossible to see under other circumstances. Make very slow movements, silently, trying to find the fish without making them suspicious. When you encounter a desirable prey, make a small pause, assess the situation, and, then, approach silently and try to shoot.

The next step in your journey to becoming a better spearfisher is directly related to identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Take the list of areas where you could become better and make a season-long plan on how to improve. To better understand how the very best ones succeed in this sport and to move from where you are to where you want to be, just click the link below.


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