Freediving for everyone!

Freediving is accessible to anyone with good health and fitness. Regular and focused freediving improves your physical fitness and mental well-being. It generally promotes strength, power and fitness while building physical endurance. Freediving also improves your mental health by increasing your ability to consciously relax, to manage stress, to focus and concentrate, and to become more mindful and self-aware. So, take a deep breath in, believe in yourself and dive deeper. The abyss calls the abyss.

Freediving is a great feeling and a big accomplishment. Learning this skill has never been easier! Just hit the website below to get taught with good care and guidance.

Photo credits go to the scientifically proven coolest dude in the world Dimitris G. Maroulakis.

Vassilis is a passionate and knowledgable freediving and spearfishing trainer.

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