Freediving? Yes, YOU CAN!

Thodoris Efstathiou

Hands free equalization, 4:41 static apnea, 29,1m depth with a dive duration of 2:01 after JUST a 4-day private training workshop?

This dude @efstathiouthodoris may not be the most organised person on the planet but proves that it is possible.

All it takes is a CAN-do mindset and a do-it-RIGHT attitude.

Making freediving accessible to everyone is NOT a magic trick. I am very aware of a great deal of stressful thoughts that can arise when exploring new things for the first time, so it will never cease to honor and humble me to see with my own eyes amazing humans freediving like this.

Being part of the deep is not easy but it can for sure become really rewarding. All gratitude.

Vassilis is a passionate and knowledgable freediving and spearfishing trainer.