How do you explain why we take a big breath and go down and up a line? How do you explain the feeling, the meditative experience, the calm contentment of letting go and surrendering yourself to the sea?

When it comes to freediving, you can always improve. You can hold your breath longer, go deeper, be mentally stronger, more flexible, and be more comfortable in the water or at depth. It is a challenge against your body and your mind. Holding your breath goes against the human body’s nature, and adapting your body to depth or to the amount of oxygen your muscles consume takes serious work. Not to mention the training it takes to calm your mind and relax your body, even through contractions!

The challenges are limitless.

Freediving is a great feeling and a big accomplishment. Learning this skill has never been easier! Just hit the link below to get taught with good care and guidance.

Vassilis is a passionate and knowledgable freediving and spearfishing trainer.

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