FREEDIVE GREECE organizes private expeditions and customized adventure holidays anywhere in Greece, combined with other recreational activities. Take advantage of our vast network of qualified associates, and let FREEDIVE GREECE offer you a wide range of authentic experiences and facilities that match your individual criteria. We are able to customize programs and trips in order to meet your needs and expectations, even for the most demanding!

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Whether you prefer to indulge and enjoy the cosmopolitan summer lifestyle or spend exhilarating moments in the most isolated islets of the Aegean Sea, FREEDIVE GREECE can provide you with an unrivaled perspective of the Greek Islands. Crystal clear waters, secluded locations, spectacular dive spots, wonderful bays, and sandy beaches. “Cook your own catch” with us, for example, is only one of the many highlights of what we can offer you. With us, you can put your skills into action and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

Immerse yourself in a combination of vacation and watersport activities, including freediving, exploratory diving, snorkeling and swimming, all in the framework of education, if you so desire.

You can live aboard a yacht or stay in a beachside resort, where you can explore the wonderful underwater world and relax under the beautiful Aegean sun, the perfect scenery for freediving. With us, you can finally experience the magic of ‘le grand bleu’ (The big Blue!).


FREEDIVE GREECE provides guided private tours or vacation trips with daily diving excursions. Our team is comprised of world-class champions and accomplished freedivers – you aren’t diving with just anyone. Instructional dives “on the rope”, relaxation, breathing and equalization techniques, as well as safety protocols, will be demonstrated and taught.

In addition to the equipment and spearguns, handmade professional fishing gear is provided, enhancing the experience and allowing the diver to fully enjoy the thrill of a “blue water” hunt.

Photos and videos with professional underwater equipment are provided in order to capture your memorable experience! We can also organize professional underwater photography sessions for any kind of project.

General travel information, accommodation booking, yacht & boat chartering, transfers and premier services can also be provided upon request.

For those who wish to sign up for a complete freediving or spearfishing curriculum, a certificate of attendance will be provided at the end of your trip. You are also able to obtain your free diving certifications with us (SII Spearfishing, PADI Freediving, SSI Freediving, AIDA International, Apnea Academy, CMAS, or other).

No query is too big or too small for our qualified associates. We are always at your disposal, with an expertise for this particular, enthralling and unique experience.

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