HALL OF FAME - Itio Alemanni

Itio is an absolute legend of the sea. He is a passionate spearo and the first ever manufacturer of roller spearguns in the world. No one before him had ever believed as much in the potential of this type of speargun.

With freediving spearfishing, as much as I feel like it’s my true passion and I would be a complete lost soul without it, there comes a tremendous amount of pressure and stress on me as an individual. It’s not so much the pressure and anticipation of showing the world what I have made as an SII Instructor Trainer @spearfishinginstructors, it’s rather the battle of studying different kind of prey and analyzing approach techniques while doing what I truly love on a single breath of air. The stress comes from the fact that I cannot just "make" this happen, it has to happen on its own – BUT I have to be in the right environment with the right equipment in case it does. Itio knows this well and is there to support me with unique products, emphasizing attention to detail that will guarantee improved performance.

Itio is the soul of @alemanniteam and knows but one joy and that is the joy of new freediving spearfishing inventions. Passion is his driving force, fueled by his dearly loved family. Teamwork makes the dream work: nothing would ever be possible without the contribution of his beloved wife and son – @alemanni_a sorry brother for busting your b@lls all the time with "nerd" questions!

If you are inspired to travel and spearfish all around the world and are also a fan of innovative yet accessible ideas, you should definitely visit the Alemannis’ website below.


Vassilis is a passionate and knowledgable freediving and spearfishing trainer.

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