Nikitas Milionis 

Nikitas Milionis, a.k.a. “Million Dollar Baby”

The friend, the mastermind, the stylist, the curator. One of us in any way! 

Nikitas was my motivator and a visionary dude who helped me get better and better every dive I made. He was tough and wasn’t giving any days off. We were very often stuck on a random island of the Aegean Sea and had nothing else to do but spearfish! I remember that we were doing that at least 4-5 days per week, waking up early in the morning and being on the boat all day long. The only time we had to leave out was to eat something and go get some sleep. 

There was so much going on at that time. There were so many guys around freediving really deep! Breath hold diving evolution was definitely a lot of tension to us. The only way to get away from that and concentrate on finding our personal formula for successful FDSPF, would be to travel around Greece for a period of time and leave everything else behind. 

Every action was coming from one brain, our collective brain. Every dive had got to be the best dive, every fish swimming around had to be ours and had to be the biggest, the number ONE! The way we did it, we were able to give it a certain flavour. A completely different, new vibe and excitement had taken over us in a way that we had never ever witnessed before! Even though it was hard, it was still giving us a different perspective and the opportunity to become better freedivers and spearos at the same time. All this, was 100% necessary for my evolution and it gave my own fishing culture a breath of fresh air! Thank you Nikitaki! 

Spearfishing on a single breath of air is a great feeling and a big accomplishment. If you are inspired to train here’s your call to action: Follow the link below to make the difference and MAX UP YOUR SKILLS! The only failure is not trying! 


Vassilis is a passionate and knowledgable freediving and spearfishing trainer.

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