Hole Spearing (HS)

HS is the spearfishing technique where the spearo searches through cracks and crannies and generally in cavities at spots that a fish could hide (e.g., a shipwreck, a boulder, limestone ridges, etc.).

The exact spot should be preselected either from the surface (where it’s possible) or according to observed indications for fish presence during descent. We must dive calmly, investigating the area around the spot, and as we approach, we must focus on the entrance point of the possible hideout. Stealth is the key for any spearfishing hunting in holes and cracks. We should not bang our weights and fins on rocks and move slowly, with a purpose.

The thing about shooting a fish in a hole is that we want to stone it, preferably with the first shot when possible. If we don’t, we will then have to fight it out of the hole as soon as we can. When we shoot a fish in a hole, it will instinctively swim deeper into it. We should make sure that there is nothing behind the target we are shooting at. Once we wrestle the fish out of the hole and start coming up, we can relax and dispatch our catch on the surface.

HS is a technique taught in the 2star Advanced Spearo Level of SII spearfishing training. For more information about SII spearfishing education organization visit spearfishinginstructors.com or pm me!

Vassilis is a passionate and knowledgable freediving and spearfishing trainer.

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