The idea of breath hold diving using a detachable weight applies perfectly to freediving spearfishing. Always been a fan after seeing the legends Raffaele Seiello and Giannis Sideris
use them.

Variable weight technique requires a lot of practice and testing. I consider it to be the most complicated and difficult technique to master. However, the devil is in those little details that, if approached seriously, can make this tool a lot more reliable and easier to use.

The non-linear compression of some wetsuit neoprene materials can cause high velocity descent after a certain depth resulting in poor management of equalization skills. To make matters a bit more complicated, the way the spearo must equalize during a VW dive in comparison with a normal CWT dive should be completely different: being obliged to fetch air from the lungs all the time, almost before every equalization, can cause real stress on descent, and result in poor total dive time and discomfort while crawling towards the selected target.

MOUTHFILL ON DEMAND (MOD) is a new powerful EQ protocol for VW freediving spearfishing that has been recently described by the mighty SII instructor Giovanni Bianco.

MOD definitely works for me for VW because it can guarantee safe and prolonged speardives in the deep. All I need to do is load the air at shallow depth, keep the glottis closed, the belly relaxed and the under chin swollen/filled up with air. The compression part is done only by the larynx, while the cheeks and tongue are both relaxed in between each equalization. By keeping the mouth full of air on the way down and the tongue free, I can equalize faster because the air is already stored into my mouth and all I have to do is just hands free slightly pressurize until the target depth. Avoiding deep reverse packing means keeping my lungs safe from squeeze and feeling much more comfortable during freediving spearfishing so that my dive time increases!

Freediving Spearfishing is a great feeling and a big accomplishment. Learning this skill has never been easier! Just hit the website below to get taught with good care and guidance.

Photo by Dimitris G. Maroulakis

Freedive Greece grew out of the passion of a few avid Champions, Freediving and Spearfishing Instructors, who are intent on making it possible for anyone to learn how to freedive and spearfish.

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