Renata Zentelis

Renata is a shark conservation activist and a passionate freediver who’s been in love with sharks since she was six. She’s the soul of Freedive Greece team and knows but one freedom and that is the freedom inside the water. She is definitely the change we all want to see in this mad world, because, trust me, this young woman will stop at nothing to protect the ocean and promote sustainable lifestyle.

Renata has often witnessed first-hand the slay of the sharks for their fins. These fins are being shipped to Asia, and predominantly China for shark fin soup which is held as a status symbol. Although shark fin soup has no nutritional benefits and really doesn’t taste like much, it can cost anywhere upwards a 100$ a bowl.

"People should not be afraid of having sharks in the ocean", she says. "They should be afraid of NOT having sharks in the ocean". The sharks keep the oceans healthy. They keep the fish stocks healthy and the ecosystems alive. If these sharks get finned into extinction, the oceans are going to turn into a swamp.

You can help save the sharks which are being killed for their fins on an enormous scale. If you are inspired to act here’s your call to action: Follow @projecthiu to make a difference. VOLUNTEER and DONATE, but most of all, SPREAD THE WORD! Renata knows!

Freedive Greece grew out of the passion of a few avid Champions, Freediving and Spearfishing Instructors, who are intent on making it possible for anyone to learn how to freedive and spearfish.

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