Safe dive, good dive

Since the beginning, we have learnt that it is important to freedive with a buddy. In particular, depth dives should be made with the assistance of a competent team of safety divers (freedivers, rather than scuba divers). Most freediving accidents occur because freedivers do not dive with a competent safety diver who knows how to render assistance in emergency situation. Experienced freedivers are more aware of the risks inherent to freediving and are better able to anticipate and plan for emergency situations. Even experienced freedivers never make training dives alone!

Above all, a freediver should enjoy diving and listen to their body during every dive. You should never be fixated with reaching a given depth. One of the main tasks in mental preparation for depth dives is to assess your condition and abilities prior to every dive and to control your mental state using techniques that will help you stay focused and relaxed.

Freediving can help to reset your mind, allow you to feel renewed, and help you to find harmony with nature and your inner calm. Learning Freediving has never been easier! Just hit the website below to get taught with good care and guidance.⠀

Photo by Sandy Orka

Vassilis is a passionate and knowledgable freediving and spearfishing trainer.

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