Stretching Routines. Lung expansion.

Stretching exercises relax the muscles and tendons around the thoracic cage. In a few weeks, this can bring significant changes in breathing. Unlike other sports, freediving requires many of the stretching exercises to be performed with the lungs at full capacity.

Five – six weeks of intense exercise with the lungs at full capacity can significantly increase lung max. capacity. This is important for a freediver because a larger lung volume means more oxygen in each inhalation and an improved elimination of carbon dioxide on each exhalation. Also, increased lung volume results directly in increased cell oxygenation, and guarantees faster body recovery after intense periods of sports activity, which is also the case for freediving spearfishing.

In this photo, fellow expert and trainer Nikos Stamelos uses a BLACKROLL® STANDARD black FOAM ROLLER to further push the stretch while I hold my breath on a full lung.

DManis Photography

Vassilis is a passionate and knowledgable freediving and spearfishing trainer.