Diaphragmatic Massage. The perfect routine for Freediving Spearfishing.

This is the so called ‘diaphragmatic massage’. It is a very useful exercise for those who want to safely and effectively spearfish in deeper zones. I perform this exercise on RV, on a regular basis – at least three times per week. I do it alone, or either assisted by my fellow expert and health specialist Nikos Stamelos. I do it while holding my breath on RV and I repeat it 8 times, increasing by 10sec each breath hold, during every rep.

The diaphragm is attached to the sternum, the lower 6 ribs, and the top 2 to 3 lumbar vertebrae. It is precisely this area that we want to stretch. We have to enter within the rib cage with our fingers, touching the inside of the ribs, and progressively push on the tissues that prevent our fingers from penetrating further. These are the areas that “anchor” the diaphragm to the ribcage and points of resistance and stiffness associated with the intercostal muscles’ contraction and rigidity.

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