Mylène Hengen
An undisputed female force to be reckoned with!

Originally a fashion model with a PhD in anthropology, professional horse trainer and owner of the European Sport Horse Imports company, Mylène Hengen is already a 45+ m freediver and, well of course, an undisputed female force to be reckoned with. Oh yeah, did I mention she went through the SII spearfishing instructor certification too?

Although, there are times, that it has to take 5000 screams and me driving myself insane on the surface to get what she deserves, she has been an icon to me inspiring all my efforts throughout this stupid 2020 year.

Mylène is definitely the voice and eyes of every ambitious freediver who wants to rapidly develop into the sport, as she started only a year ago! She is a true friend and a true ambassador of Freediving Spearfishing which is always there for you, a language that we can all relate to, a language that we all speak.

PS: Mylène is also mother of Pebbles, the FDG team dog

Vassilis is a passionate and knowledgable freediving and spearfishing trainer.