Here’s how to choose the right dive watch!

There are waterproof technical computer watches that record crucial aspects of a dive when a spearo / freediver is in the water. Equipped with liquid contact switches, they start and stop automatically, while also holding all other functions of a common watch. They are worn on the wrist, have a readable display and most of them include software that allows us to download our dive statistics to our computer at home. This way, we can monitor our progress.

Features of most freediving spearfishing watches include bottom time, depth, temperature, total number of dives, dive time, personal records, date, time, configurable alarms, descending depth alarms, surface interval times, and much more. Diving back to back on a single breath of air is potentially dangerous and the constant reminder of our surface interval is one of the most important safety aspects of any spearo. With a freediving spearfishing watch we can easily schedule our activity, sessions and breaks.

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