The DROP DIVE technique is a very simple freediving spearfishing technique where the spearfisher freedives without coming into direct contact with the bottom and aims at locating a prey, supervising the deeper zones of the area, capturing a prey outside its hole by approaching it in the open water, or doing a combination of all the above.

To put it simply, with this technique, the spearo can simply dive down on a fish they viewed from the surface, quietly sink towards it when on negative buoyancy, place a shot (drop-dive-bomb it) and then swim up!

In this technique, buoyancy adjustment is fundamental. You must have negative buoyancy at the depth where the bottom starts being visible. Place yourselves above your point of interest and start diving vertically towards it. During the dive, take advantage of the negative buoyancy zone, when you enter it, to start gliding. Throughout the dive, focus on silent equalization and minimizing noise production.

DD is usually performed at deeper zones, where the spearo cannot distinguish details of the bottom from the surface, or at middle depths, where there are moderate visibility conditions. It can also be used when a spearo locates a prey hovering outside its shelter.

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