The first ever "Molchis" in Greece!

I am so happy to announce that it’s been only a few days ago since I and my fellow expert and freediving spearfishing all-star legend Manolis Giankos have joined forces with the "Molchis"! Being the first ever Molchanovs Instructors in Greece is truly the greatest honor in our long freediving education career.

The Molchanovs Freediving Education program is based on the learning philosophy and expertise of some of the world’s best freedivers. A Molchanovs course starts with online content and is followed by practical sessions in the water.

Photo: Olga Amiridou

Once you have completed a course, you can continue your training and track your progress by joining Base Training. This global freediving community is actually a platform to share knowledge, skills, and experiences with other freedivers. Training programs for freedivers of all levels are published on a weekly basis, to help you progress through your learning and develop your freediving skills.

Whether you are a recreational freediver or have competitive aspirations, the Molchanovs program kills it! Hands down, it’s the best way to learn and progress in your freediving journey. We strongly recommend it!

Photo: Themistocles Kaltsidis

Vassilis is a passionate and knowledgable freediving and spearfishing trainer.