Dynamic Ambush: the White Grouper challenge video.

In this video I face a unique challenge: several white groupers are swimming around, and I decide to try to catch the biggest one with the most demanding freediving spearfishing technique, i.e., the "Agguato". Originally an Italian word, the "Agguato" corresponds to what is called "Dynamic Ambush" (aka the DA).

I know that I have to be well prepared, both physically and mentally, and DA makes the whole game even more challenging.

I perform a calm and silent dive, gliding into the deep. Slightly before I land on the seabed, I locate the biggest fish which stays away from my spear, at a safe distance, and then gradually disappears into the murky waters.

I crawl with my free hand. After each movement, I pause for a little while in order to observe the perimeter for the fish I originally saw. My movements are slow. I am trying to be as stealthy as possible. I use the bottom’s protrusions for cover while moving amongst them trying to predict the route of the big white. My speed is the one that doesn’t stress the baitfish of the area. Suddenly, I encounter with the prey, and quickly evaluate the situation without a pause. I correct the position of my speargun, continue my silent approach and shoot the fish on the way.

My shaft is placed just below the back of the skull, in the spine, and the big fish drops dead.

Untrue by an inch, untrue by a mile: No one can afford misses or wounded fish running around! Both cost you – especially a wounded grouper, running for its life and spooking other fish in the area.

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