The FREEDIVE GREECE academy is open to all levels of freedivers and spearos, from beginners to advanced level divers!

Training sessions can be arranged upon request within group courses or specialized private training sessions. We cover everything from competitive deep freediving and spearfishing, advanced equalization techniques, electronic device and sonar applications, variable weight use and more, aiming to cover the every need of the modern freediver or spearo who wants to advance in the sport.

In addition to all our existing freediving education programs, in the FREEDIVE GREECE Alpha-Omega system, most of the teaching and training is open water oriented. We emphasize real-time and live conditions on boats, all in the framework of safety thanks to our recently developed safety protocols.

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All the required safety protocols and leading training techniques are provided by the FDG Freediving Academy specialists. We have established, through years of experience and studying, an instructional system accessible to anyone. Our training methods are implemented and taught to students by freediving professionals, who will provide you with all the necessary techniques in order to guarantee physical and mental well-being, in alignment with top-notch quality training standards.

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Join the Freedive Greece Spearfishing Academy and upgrade your skills. Safely enjoy the underwater world and become a Spearfishing expert!

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High-performance training and specialty programs adapted to the modern/urban businessman lifestyle. "Be prepared to be prepared" and do the "impossible" without dramatically changing your life - the skills needed to optimize yourself are all within you! Gain access to VIP personal training, small group training sessions, or one on one online coaching, aligned with the highest standards, with accomplished breath-hold specialized physiologists, sports scientists, professional coaches, trainers, and champions.

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The Sonar Academy is an On-the-water and classroom school designed to advance your fishing skills and maximize your time on and under water! Understand your sonar and learn how to utilize mapping to your advantage in order to catch more fish. Group courses, private lessons, seminars and on the water training from professionals. This course combines classroom time and on the water instruction to ensure fishing success!

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FREEDIVE GREECE offers preparation sessions for:

  • Candidate students of Military Schools (Hellenic Naval Academy, Hellenic Air Force Academy, Hellenic Army Academy, Hellenic navy Petty Officers Academy, Hellenic Air Force NCO Academy) both inland as well as in pool facilities.
  • Candidate students of Security Forces (Hellenic Police, Coast Guard), as well as candidate students of the Fire Brigade.
  • Candidate students in schools of Underwater Demolition Team Frogmen inland and pool facilities.
  • Candidate students in an Open Water Diving School in inland and pool facilities.
  • Candidate students for the Medical Diving School of the Underwater Demolition Team.
  • Candidate students of Special Forces of the Army (Commandos).
  • Candidate students of the Paratroopers' School.

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