All the required safety protocols and leading training techniques are provided by the FDG Freediving Academy specialists. We have established, through years of experience and studying, an instructional system accessible to anyone. Our training methods are implemented and taught to students by freediving professionals, who will provide you with all the necessary techniques in order to guarantee physical and mental well-being, in alignment with top-notch quality training standards.

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Level 1: Discover Freediving (*)

Aimed primarily at lovers of the sea who want to acquire the skills, knowledge and basic safety precautions of freediving, in addition to learning proper freediving technique. This course is aimed to access the pleasure of safe contact with the underwater world.

Course duration: 1 day – includes theory and an open water session.

Level 2: Open Water Freediver (**)

This course is for novice freedivers who wish to learn basic theory and techniques of the sport.

Course duration: 7 days – includes theory, pool training and open water sessions.

Level 3: Advanced Freediver (***)

This course is designed for qualified Level 2 Open Water Freedivers who wish to delve into more advanced techniques and dive deeper, safely.

Course duration: 12 days – includes theory, pool and open water sessions.

Level 4: Master Freediver (****)

For qualified Level 3 Advanced Freedivers who have attended a seminar on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) within the last two years. This high-level course is intended for demanding freedivers who wish to expand their knowledge and equalization skills in deep freediving. The course also adresses the risks and hazards involved in deep freediving. An interview is required in order to assess skills and performance ability.

Course duration: 2 weeks- includes theory, pool and open water sessions.

Professional Level 1: Freediving Instructor

This course is for qualified Level 4 Master Freedivers or recommended Freediving Champions/ Experts. The aim of the course is to prepare for certification as a Freediving Instructor, in order to qualify the attendant to effectively teach and train all recreational freediving levels.

Course duration: 7 days – includes theory, pool and open water sessions.

Professional Level 2: Freediving Head Instructor

For Freediving Instructors who have gained a certain level of expertise through training and certifying over 120 freedivers. Freediving Head Instructor candidates must pass certain physical performance tests as well as a mandatory final written evaluation.

Course duration: 2 days – Includes theory, pool and open water sessions.

A Head Freediving Instructor will then be qualified to :

1. Organize an ITC and train Freediving Instructors, with the mandatory participation of at least one member of the FDG Instructor Training Board.

2. Organize and/or participate in specialized training seminars, Competitive Freediving Training and all other Freediving specialty programs as a Freediving Instructor.

3. Consult and recommend potential Freediving Instructors to the FDG Instructor Training Board.