The Sonar Academy is an On-the-water and classroom school designed to advance your fishing skills and maximize your time on and under water! Understand your sonar and learn how to utilize mapping to your advantage in order to catch more fish. Group courses, private lessons, seminars and on the water training from professionals. This course combines classroom time and on the water instruction to ensure fishing success!

Level 1: Basic Angler (*)

A course for any angler, anywhere: aimed primarily at sea lovers who want to get familiar with modern fishing and gain experience in navigation. Learn how to discover, identify and mark your own spots and fish with the help of specialized light marine technology. Start fishing from your Desktop!

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Course duration: 1 day: Classroom setting.

Level 2: Advanced Angler (**)

A course for accomplished anglers who love fishing and already have basic experience, skills, and knowledge and are ready to take them to the next level. Learn how to record GPS locations, save screenshots, register fish details (size and species) and bottom composition and save notes about your every catch (depth, water temperature, weather and more). Review your past trips to find secrets by analyzing your results in detail at home!

Course duration: 3 days –  Classroom and on the water instruction.

Level 3: Master Angler (***)

Hands down, the best specialized course designed for die-hard or professional anglers who want it all! Learn how to analyze comprehensive charts and bathymetric maps, upload sonar logs, unlock exciting tools to create a more accurate or custom detailed underwater map. Get the most out of the features of your fish finder and predict your future success!

Course duration: 5 days –  Classroom and on the water instruction.

Professional Level 1: Sonar Instructor

For qualified Level 3 Master Anglers or recommended Fishing Champions/ Experts.

Course duration: 7 days – Classroom and on the water instruction.

Professional Level 2: Sonar Head Instructor

For Sonar Instructors who have gained a certain level of experience by training and certifying over 120 anglers: Sonar Head Instructor candidates must pass certain on the water performance tests, as well as a mandatory final written exam.

Course duration: 2 days – Classroom and on the water instruction.